Trying to Blog Again

After a few months of not blogging and  not even peeking in my blog site I am now trying to be active again. I was encouraged by Tita because this is also my way of communicating with my father who is now working abroad.

This blog is dedicated to my father who works hard to provide for my needs and also to those kids my age whose parents are far away from them. I am hoping that through this blog I can reach out to all of them and also to my parents who are now living a separate lives.

I will really try hard enough to update this blog with my daily events at school, my basketball varsity journey and also my life being away from my parents. With the help of my Grandma who I call Mommy, my Grandpa who I call Daddy and my Tito and Tita who are trying their best to make me feel loved, I know this journey will be worth my while.

I am hoping for the support of those friends who I will meet along with this journey. Thank you in advance.


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