A Father's Struggle

My brother is currently working abroad. It was a chance for him to help the family and of course an opportunity for him to support his son and send him to a good school. We constantly communicate through skype, facebook and text messages. He was very expressive and open about his struggles and difficulties  though he was trying his best to cope up.

Last night, I received  a text message from him asking for prayers because he was offended and he was very angry about it.  His shirt was stolen and torn and was used to wipe some of his co-workers motorcycles. That was actually the second time that it happened but he just let it go the first time. Until now nobody has  admitted the incident.

Knowing what happened, I replied to him advising him to just let it go and not give in to the situation. It was just part of the  trials  he should overcome. I suggested that he should go out for a walk for him to relax. I understand that he felt hurt and insulted. He wanted refuge because he do not want to hurt anybody.

When he replied again, I was told that he felt fine and  he was reading his bible. The incident somehow made him realized that it was just part of the struggles living in an unfamiliar country. Our family is also praying for his safety and good health. We know that with God's guidance, he will overcome all the trials that will come along his way.


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