Feeling Good

I did not go to school today. I felt uneasy and feverish last night although I went to bed early, I still don't feel better when I woke up this morning. Mommy told me not to go to school today for me to get some more rest.

I ate breakfast and lunch earlier today.I took some rest for a while then watched my favorite show on TV. I felt good after eating a lot and drinking my vitamins. I think I got better also because Mommy and Tita Jing cooked my favorite viand... egg omelet.

I felt even better because Tita Rovs allowed me to play in her computer for a while. I thank my family for taking care of me. After this post, I will be cooking my own version of egg omelet.

I had fun playing with Bella in their air conditioned room while playing online games on a borrowed laptop. I pray that one day I will be playing with my own computer. One day... and I hope it is going to be soon. One day soon...


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