It is a beautiful day today. The weather is good and everything is fine at school. I just had a few discussions with Mommy about my school uniform because I outgrown it somehow. It was actually an old uniform from last year. Mommy went to the mall today and bought some plain white fabrics for her to use in sewing my new uniform. I believe she plans to make two sets of uniform for me.

When I arrived home after school this afternoon I somehow felt uncomfortable. I usually play basketball after eating my merienda but this afternoon I just lie down and sleep. I felt feverish and I don't know why. My Tita said maybe due to fatigue since we are practicing hard at school. At around eight in the evening I woke up and eat dinner and drink my vitamins. I was advised not to drink anything but vitamins.

I somehow felt better after eating and drinking my vitamins but I still need to get some rest so I will going to bed early tonight. I hope that my fever will be gone tomorrow and the Lord will give me a goodnight rest.


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