Getting Better

Macky woke up last Saturday feeling uneasy and feverish. He asked permission from Mommy and Tito Bren to let him join the  basketball varsity practice but they did not allow him so he came to me and beg me to let him attend the practice. I gave him my consent but with reminders that he should not worn himself out and go home at the earliest possible time. So he went to join the practice saying that his team will be needing him.

Yesterday, his body temperature went up beyond normal again so we let him drink "tawa-tawa" juice thinking that it may lead to Dengue. He is  still drinking his vitamins and milk and we are closely monitoring his temperature. He went to bed early last night and when he woke up this morning, his fever is  all gone and he said he felt better.

We thank God that he is better now. When we checked his temperature this evening, it is already at a  normal level. I think "tawa-tawa" has helped a lot in making him well.  He went to school feeling better today.


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