Macky's Little Secret

I went to Macky's school yesterday afternoon to pay for his basketball uniform. I purposely went there late that afternoon thinking that we could go  home  together after  paying. I was a little late but hoping that he is still at their classroom  but when I inquired, I was told that he was at the nearby internet  shop.

Macky's classmates (Matthew and four other girls)  helped me look for him in the internet shop but we did not find him there. Matthew told me that Macky is playing online games after class almost everyday. Hmm...so that was Macky's little secret! We were wondering why was he very insistent on not wanting to be fetch from school. And I think now I know the reason why.

My father used to fetch him at school until last month wherein he declared that he wanted to go to school and go home from school all by himself. He said that he is already of age (11 years old, still a minor!) and knows how to take care of himself especially when crossing the road. We were hesitant at first but we understand that he wants a little independence so we agreed.

But after hearing what Matthew said, I am trying to reconsider things. I told my mother about it and she decided to cut off  Macky's daily allowance from P50 to P30. Macky denied about it saying that he is only playing during weekends wherein he was permitted to do so. By the way, Macky's internet schedule is every weekends only.


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