Official Basketball Varsity Member

Macky used to dislike physical games like basketball. When he was still small, he would  only  play chess and other board games. When I asked him why he would answer that basketball is  a tiresome sport and he don't want to get hurt inside the court.

Just about a year ago when he turned 11 years old, his preference changed. He wanted to prove that he  is already a big boy thus playing basketball in the neighborhood has become his past time especially when he stopped schooling. Since he has become an  "out of school kid" his activities are restricted and other privileges were suspended. He was not allowed to go out anytime he want and he needed to follow certain schedules set at home.

Though he was given limited time, Macky focused his "free time" playing basketball with friends in the neighborhood. When the class opened just recently,  he joined the tryouts for Elementary Basketball Varsity. And with much luck and hard work, he was one of the students chosen to be a member of the school's basketball team.

His father and the rest of the family were  happy and supportive about his new endeavor. Macky was very inspired to attend his scheduled practices and he was willing to sacrifice his  "internet time" just to play basketball.


  1. Thats so good. Youth need the physical activities to channel their energy.Great that he is into something so beneficial for him.

    Thank you for sharing.I have enjoyed reading it.

    Take care

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  3. nice tian...keep up the good work.papa is proud of you...keep up the good work bro!!!! heheheh

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    nabasa ko na ito dati kaya lang di ako nag comment. musta na ang varsity player natin? tuloy pa din ba ang basketball nya? ano position nya? ;)

  7. Wow naman si Rovs, happy talaga always about Macky. Galing pala naman ni Macky Boy, mapa school at mapa sports....winner!

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  9. yay! wtg! buddy :-) playing basketball is lot of fun just be very careful with other players, some are rough :-( Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.


  10. yay! congrats to Macky for being in the basketball team, that is so cool :-)
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  11. Woohoo!congrats kuya Macky! you must be proud..

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  13. that is so cool :) congrats to your son sis. visiting from Wednesday whites.


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