Reviewing for the Exams

Macky is  a  5th grader now. He is very inspired to study his lessons thinking that his father is working in a far away place just to support his schooling and his other needs. He even asked for my help (which rarely happens)  during his review for the upcoming exam.

manage a pose during his review

He was reviewing for English and Science that time. The next day, he informed me that he scored more than 95% in his exams and he was so happy about it. My mother was so delighted with this good news and treated  him to a very satisfying afternoon merienda of his choice.

I'm glad that at this early age Macky was able to appreciate the sacrifices of his father. Congrats Lang! Keep up the good work. You are making your papa proud and happy with your school performance.


  1. That's good that he studies hard and understands what his father is going through to help him. Too bad we can't get him together with my son to inspire him to study also.

  2. thanks for your comment wilma... hopefully sean will be inspired too...

  3. wow, congratulations this early. i'm sure he's got a bright future ahead if he keep that good study habit.


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