Honor List

I went to Macky's school last Friday to attend the PTA Meeting and also to get his card. I was so happy to know that Macky belongs to the Top 10 of his class. 

posted on their classroom wall

report card

Macky's  highest grade for the first grading period is 90 while his lowest is 86. I just noticed that he needs improvement in Character Building especially in the areas of  Courtesy,  Cleanliness and Orderliness but he got A's on Honesty, Industry and Self - Reliance.

inside the classroom

Truly our  Macky Boy has worked  really hard. He was asking for an MP5 player and I am planning to give it to him as a reward if he reaches the TOP 3 spot on the next grading period. Keep it up Macky! Your papa and mama will be very happy and proud of what you have achieved. Way to go!


  1. congrats sa iyong nephew :) keep up the good work, macky boy ^^

  2. Wow galing! Congrats Macky! Pagpatuloy mo yan!

  3. Hi Rovie
    Gratz to your son for his outstanding achievement.
    All the very best to him in his studies.

    Thanks for visiting me dear
    God bless you and family

  4. thank you tita KM, tita anney and aunt Umi..

    Macky Boy is my eldest nephew... hehhehe..

  5. Congrats Macky! Keep it up boy! :)

  6. Wow galing naman parent like us should be proud of =) Visiting you back!

  7. wow! galing naman ni Macky..am sure proud na proud ang mga parents...proud man gani ang tita, parents pa kaha hehe.

    Salamat sa visit Rovz.. late visit na kay busy ang life ehehe.

  8. thanks everyone for the comments and the visit... lipay kaau si Macky sa mga comments...

  9. You must be proud! He's really good in academics! Kudos! :)

  10. wow! congrats!!

    clever guy!

    hopping from Wednesday Whites.. hope you can drop by too at my entry here..have a great week ahead!

  11. paburger naman jan!!

    burger burger burger!! LOL!

  12. Oh congratulations for Macky boy! awesome! get ready for the mp5 lolz :)

    by the way, i'm a new follower :)

  13. good job! thats a great achievement sis! Hope he can do it all the way. =)
    i followed u back thru GFC as MyDailyBabble and Emzkie =)

  14. congrats to you little man, keep it up

  15. congrats to your son, what a smarty boy, keep it up!! visiting for WW, hope that you can visit me back too


  16. Ang galing naman! :)

    Hopping from WW.
    Thanks po sa pagdaan.

  17. Good Job!! What a good student he is:)

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can visit me too..


  18. That's a wow grade! Makes you proud because you deserved to be so! Congrats Macky! :)

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
    24,000 LBS-PAPER-PILE
    New Wii REMOTE
    Ice Craze and Sundae

  19. congrats to your brilliant boy!! thanks for sharing this sis.. hope to see you again at WW this week!


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