New Template Again?

Hello Friends!

As you can see I changed the template again. I am such a tweaker! I couldn't seem to find a template that suits me best.  I was actually looking for a simple and user friendly template that may somehow fit with me and my nephew's ( Macky) personality.

Macky wanted something with the touch of black in it because he is now into it. Black clothes, black pants, black accessories,etc.  And I wanted something that is simple but not boring. Hopefully,  this one is for good.

The header background is a shot personally  taken  by me at the Davao Gulf here in Davao City. That picture was my first attempt to use sweep panorama mode using my Sony digital camera. The "little" people you can see are Macky and his friends.

What can you say with the new look of this blog?  Thanks in advance for your honest opinion.


  1. I like how it looks. I think it's especially good to have the picture you took at the top. That gives people a view of where you live. That's why I have the cactus on mine. It looks like where I'm from. I think your background is a good choice.

  2. i like the header, ganda ng view...
    i also like your new template...clean!

  3. I like your templte Rovz, pati color combination.. neat sya...Thanks anyway for the visit.

  4. I like the simplicity of it :) And since this blog is dedicated for Macky, his preferrence is important ;)

    uy sa Davao ka pala. sayang naman, kala ko sa Manila ka lang, yayain pa naman sana kita mag-meet pag-uwi ko ^^


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