Bonding Time with the Doting Aunt

I can still recall  how excited and happy I was upon knowing that I will be an Aunt. It was such a brand new feeling for me since Macky is my first nephew. The first time I saw him  was when he was about two years old already because they were living  in Manila before  and I am already working here in Davao. 

His parents finally decided to stay in his  mother's hometown in General Santos for good. The place is quite far from where I am working so  I can only get the chance  see him during family occasions. But there were times that when  I really  miss him and  feel like   seeing  him, the four-hour bus ride is just so light and easy. You know, I am a doting Aunt and I would do anything for our little Macky.

photo taken sometime in  April 2006   in GenSan

When I visit him I made sure that I have some extra bucks to spend for our bonding time. You know bonding time with kids  involves eating at Jolibee or McDonalds, buying new toys and clothes and of course some  few extras for them  to buy something from the nearby sari-sari store and also "baon" for the next few days. Macky likes buying from the neighbor's sari-sari store even if they have their own store. lol.. Such a spendthrift!

I am  thankful that Macky is now living with us. I know no one can replace his mom in his heart but as an Aunt I am really trying my best to bring him up to be a person of worth and value; pleasing in the eyes of God and of man.


  1. Macky is very blessed to have an aunt like you, Rovz. You have all good intentions for him and you shower him with love, care and thoughtfulness. He will bring with him those good traits as he grows up, and he will continue to make you proud of him as he is already doing now :) God bless!

  2. Thanks KM. I'm so touched by your comments. Hopefully he will grow up to be a good person and hopefully he will be able to read all of these ( i mean the blogs and the comments)...

  3. Wow...you're really such a great Aunt Rovs! There are so many Aunts in this world but only few can fit in your shoe. I could imagine how Baby Bella could grow up with a mother like you. If you can do that to your nephew, how much more with your own daughter.

    Keep it up Rovs. :)

  4. naks! doting tita talaga...so thoughtful!

  5. First nephew, first love:)

    Visiting from PF!

    Hope you can visit me too:)


  6. I can now relate Rovs. I know the feeling when I became an Aunt for the very first time 12 days ago, hehehe.

    We always would want the best for them. I frequently pass by the Infant section of the mall now to buy my nephew something. It's new to me but I am loving it. Sobrang cool pala maging Tita :-)

  7. what a lucky nephew for having a sweet and spoiler Aunt :-) Visiting for PF Sis, hope that you can visit me back too


  8. swerte ni Macky coz he got a loving Aunt. love your pink lips sis. My PF entry @ Jolly toes.


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