Hair Tripping

One afternoon Macky asked  his Aunt Jing ( my cousin)  to do  some styling on his hair. He was the who instructed his Aunt Jing to do  the hairstyle that he want. And look at his hair...

proudly showing his new hair trip...

posing in the middle of  the street
I have been trying to research on what  this type of hairstyle is called but I haven't found one. This hairstyle is somehow similar to the braided ( but not really) hair of some reggae artist and I think some of the Afro-American guys I saw in movies  it's just that Macky has a shorter hair.


  1. The young folks see so many different hair styles now, it is hard to even think of them as hair styles. I am not sure aboout this. I bet he has seen it somewhere.

  2. That's a style!!

    Please come and peek at my blue when you get a chance. Have a lovely week!

  3. hahhahha..joker;) following back here too;)

  4. naks, ang guapo ni macky ah. manang mana sa tita :)

  5. Wow...anong nakain ni Macky at nagpa hair style ng ganyan? Hahaha...

    Sis, Macky is your nephew? I'm confused! Hahaha

  6. Yes sis... Macky is my nephew bale only son ng eldest brother ko na OFW sa Brunei...

    Actually he was the one who started this blog sila ng papa nya kaya na busy so ako na ang bagong admin...

    Thanks for being here sis. Really appreciate the support.


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