My Phone Duo QTV20i Dual Sim

As you can see this new phone belongs to Macky. He traded this to the MP5 he so wanted to get when he will become the Top 3 in class. I am not actually in favor of giving him cellular phone at the age of 11 but he talked to his Papa and have him agreed that this phone will serve as a birthday gift this coming December and at the same time reward for him being on the Top 3 because he is very certain about it.

His father gave in and I can't do anything about it since his Papa talked to me about buying Macky a new cellular phone. This unit is QTV20i Duo from myphone. Macky personally chose this brand because it is Philippine made and with dual sim. It has a bluetooth, radio and television.

Macky was so happy and proud about his new cellular phone and he said that he is more determined to get the highest honor in class. Thanks Papa Rollie for this gift.


  1. sis namiss na kita! buti nalng nag-iwan k msg sa blog ko. somethings wrong ksi wid ur my journey url.

  2. deserving naman si macky to have a new cell ah...ganda ng grades eh, di ba mac?

  3. Nice gift! Naku mas lalong ma iinspire nyan si Macky sa pag aaral nya! Mga bata talaga ngayon cellfone na ang gusto yung isa kong niece na 7 years old meron na din. Bat ba di pa uso yan nung araw para meron din tayo! hahaha!

  4. naks ! way to go, macky :) keep up the good work. your education will take you a loooong way ... so much more than the cell phone you recently got as reward :)

    congrats, rovz! you really must be proud of your pamangkin ^^

  5. what a yellow phone... thanks for the visit Rovie, following back!

  6. hi...
    ok po ba yung qtv20i phone?

  7. Okay naman po ang myphone qtv20i... my nephew is so happy about it... okay ang TV, MP3 player and other apps...

  8. ano po ang pagkakaiba ng white list sa blacklist dito sa qtv20i? ang blacklist ay commonly known as bad. ang white list ay gaya sa white house, whitewash, white lady rin. di ko ko ginagamit kasi baka kung ano ito. pag may nakapagturo na lang. di ko makita sa manual ang whitelist.

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  10. what a cool gadget Sis :-) Visiting from my 1st Happiness Is entry, hope that you can return the visit too.


  11. Visiting this time Sis from my 2nd Happiness Is entry, hope that you can return the visit too.


  12. Visiting this time Sis from my 3rd Happiness Is entry, hope that you can return the visit too.


  13. Sis, is the gadget expensive? I don't think that I can afford it :-( Visiting this time Sis from my 4th Happiness Is entry, hope that you can return the visit too.



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