Pool Party

Two Saturdays ago Macky asked permission from all of us to join his classmate's pool party celebration at the Solariega Country Club. The subdivision is just near our place so everybody ( Mom, Dad, Bren and Me)  allowed Macky to attend the party. Can you just imagine what Macky went through just to attend this party. Lol!


Macky  had a blast that day because that was the first time he was allowed to attend the party without chaperone but I went to the Country Club late that afternoon to check on him. See how protective I am? Nope. I am just making sure he is safe and having  fun.


  1. It's a good idea to monitor your son.

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Rovie!

  2. Nakkks! Kagwapo ni Macky kahit basa! Hahaha! Protective aunt ka talaga Rovie, panu na lang pag lumaki na si Bella? Ayayyyayyy!!

  3. magbibinata na talaga 'to si Macky. nakiki-party na without chaperone eh :D

    and korek si krizza, imagine mo na lang si Bella baby pag may manliligaw na ;)

    happy blue monday!

    ps: makakaasa kang hindi ko talaga gagalawin yung meme badges ko. lol.

  4. Happy Blue Monday!

    Okay lang si Bella sis kasi ang pangarap ko naman sa kanya makapag asawa agad right after colleg. Excited na akong magka apo kay Bella! Nyaaaayyyy!

    Kay Macky kasi iba ksi wala dito ang parents nya so extra careful and protective kami sa kanya... Kasi ngayon may nililigawan na...High School student daw sa ibang school...

    Hindi ko nga alam panu mag react but I'm trying to be understanding ang importante nag oopen up sya..

  5. Hahaha! Natuwa ako sa gusto mong mangyari kay Bella, Rovs. After grad, gusto mongh makapag-asawa na sya. Way to go! GAnyan ang Nanay, hehehe! Bibihira lang sa Nanay ang ganyan. Wala pa syang 1 yr old ngayon, gusto mo ng maging Lola, hehehe.

    Anyways, si Macky big boy naman diay. Mao ni sya tong naa dinhe Gensan ang parents, Rovz? Alanganin ko usahay mag Bisaya ba kay we have common friends who can't speak our language. It's faux pax to do so that's why we have to practice speaking in straight Tagalog or English ani, hehe!

  6. Excited na nga ako maging lola eh... hehehe... walapa first bday ni Bella but i'm already imagining her 18th bday... hehehe

    Dako na jud si Macky sis Lainz... Mao na sya tong tong naa sa Gensan... Tagalog,English, Bisaya okay lang ah... hehehe

    Thanks for visiting...

  7. hi thanks for visiting my site!

    :D it my first time here too :)

    You have a handsome boy :D

  8. It's not all bad to monitor kids. =)) Cool kid!

  9. hehhehe...and that's how it's called "good parenting"....for sure he had a blast!

  10. KId party! cool..
    thanks for joining Ot! :)


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