Working On My Domains

My main blog and  my baby blog is still redirected to godaddy and hopefully it will be okay tomorrow. I was told that customization of the domains will be done for two to three days. I was just so excited about this new domain names. I just hope that I did the right thing. 

I was told to buy domains for my blogs especially now that they are still babies because they will lost their Page Ranking if changed later. I went into this domain buying after knowing that godaddy is on sale. I do hope  everything will work out just fine.

What about you? Please enlighten me by sharing your experience about changing domains and also on web hosting. I still have a lot to learn about this stuff.


  1. wow goodluck mommy on your domain name,

  2. You did the right thing, Rovie.

    Good luck on your newly acquired domain names.

    Cheers to more years for blogging journey!

  3. Hi Rovie! That's why I want to tell u that when I tried to visit your two blogs, I was redirected to Go Daddy! Also got my domain names from Go Daddy! :)

    Happy Blogging!

  4. i've been thinking about getting my own domain name, but then i don't want to loose my page rank. ganun ba talaga yun?

  5. KM: Sabi daw nila you will lost your page rank pag nag change domain ka but I gambled na lang habang PR1 pa ung main blog ko... Salamat at hindi naman nawala...

    Thanks for dropping by Shy, Lainy, Krizza..

  6. it is always better to get your own domain while your blog is still new.. goodluck! left you some love!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on For What I Am?

  7. HUHU. I really wanted to own my own domain for my blogs. I just don't have enough cash on my paypal yet. I'll be on the lookout for godaddy's sale also.



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