Bonding By The Beach

Our house is a few minutes tricycle ride from Davao Gulf so every time that we feel like smelling fresh air we just go there mostly during late afternoon. Macky is such a beach bum and it made him very happy every time we went there. He would practice his back  diving stunts in the water and would eagerly demonstrate  his swimming skill as if there is.LOL! (Peace my dear!)  It was a cool beautiful afternoon and the water was so inviting  that is why I was also  encouraged to swim although I initially plan not to.

Macky trying his bad boy look!
His complaining because I was trying to ride on his back. LOL!

Swimming is an activity our family loves doing aside from eating. Davao Gulf is just nearby and you can swim anytime you like for free. I always grab the chance to bond with my family especially with Macky now that I am still here and Macky is still a kid because I want to store good and happy memories with him in his childhood.

Originally published last Nov 5, 2011.


  1. Wow, it's nice that your house is near to the beach. I also love to go to the beach. My other house is also near to the beach and I remember how often we go there last time. I can really see ur closeness to Macky. Ur pics are cute!

  2. Thanks for being my FC sis... Ikaw na! Hahaha...

    Malapit lang talaga ang house. Si Macky madalas magyaya especially pag walang pasok.

    Pansin ko lang ha... Marami kang house sis? Hehehe

  3. i agree, bonding happy moments with the kids will set off good values for them.

  4. I suddenly miss my hometown, we live in a coastal area too in Donsol. Love the second pic. Thanks for joining Color Connection.

  5. Hi Rovs! Bumalik ako dito for the Pink Fridays and Color Connection...Hahaha! Hinabol ko sa PF upon your suggestion last night. O di ba??

    Di naman madami house ko, yung malapit sa beach yung yung pinapa rent ko now. Dati dun kami nakatira but we move on to a bigger lot na malapit sa eldest Sis ko. Kaw talaga! :)

  6. Wow! Malapit lang pala kayo dun? :) Ganda naman ng bonding moments niyo ni Macky ate Rovs!

    Anyway, ate can you give the link of Davao Bloggers group? I think I sent an invitation to join group at the wrong DB account. Hehehe. Thanks! :)

  7. maraming salamat sa pagbalik sis Krizza! hehehe...

    Tayo na ang nakiki meme...Tribute na lang natin kay KM habang wala sya...hehehe..

    Thanks gene. Post the link in my comment sa post mo...

  8. Oh My! That's picture perfect, Rovz! It's so cool to have the beach just a stone's away from your house. I so love both your smiles. Very contagious!

    Namumuro si Krizza sa mga blogs natin ah. Palaging FC, hehe! Well done! Anong oras kaya sya nagigising para maunahan natin, LOL!

    MAy absent dito. Baka on their way na sa Bora ang beauty ni KM :-)

  9. Sweret nga eh malapit lang. Pasyal kita kung maka visit ka ng Davao.

    Kaya nga eh. Laging nauuna si Krizza ang sipag. Ako nga pagka gising laptop agad eh para makapag visit agad. Adik!!!Haha.

    Sarap ng buhay ni KM. Surely iniisip din tayo nun. Enjoy lang sis KM!

  10. * Sorry... it's Swerte... hehe...

  11. ka sweet! bonding moments...agoy, kita ko ug dagat...miss na nako ang dagat da....lol!

  12. Awww nakaka-miss naman ang setting-- beach! Nice pictures, sis! :)

    Visiting for PF! Don't forget to check out mine, if you have time! :)
    Pink Soul at the Infinity Room
    New Task Chair
    Pink Forest

  13. Hahaha! Di nyo mahuhulaan kung anung oras ako nagigising....kasi araw araw iba iba yun. Hahaha. Gaya ngayon natulog ng maaga tapos nagising ng madaling araw. Napanaginipan ko kasi na may bagong posts na friends ko eh. (lol).

  14. Hahahaha! Graveh na yan Krizza ha, Sobrang adik na natin sa isa't-isa, LOL!

    Sige Rovz! Love that. Ilaag jud ko sa daplin sa dagat ha. Promise?! :-)

  15. Lainz: Sa tanang panahon sis!

    Sis Krizza, sobra na ha pati sa panaginip nakabantay sa bagong posts? Hahaha...

  16. Isn't it funny how boys want a "bad boy look"? Thanks for sharing this picture of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rovie.

  17. A nice family outing. I figured he was not wanting you to hug him as he was too big. They start thinking that way as they get older.

  18. Miss the beach! Looks like you really had the fun!

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit me too:)


  19. I would love to have a house near the beach cguro dun ako lagi, thanks for sharing!

    visiting for Pf#95

  20. awww your family are very lucky living close to the beach. I miss going to the beach. There is no beach here in NY, olny lake :-( Dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can visit me back too


  21. Ang saya namn lapit lang ng beach sa inyo! Sana may ganyan din kalapit na beach dito samin naku palagay ko madalas ako mag swim. Ay magbabad lang pala sa tubig kasi di namn ako dunong lumangoy! hihihi! I love your hair Macky!!

  22. So cute. Seems you two really enjoy with the bonding.

  23. love the sea!
    naalala ko ang bahay ng grandma ko sa province is just a walk to the sea...

  24. Hey Rovz! Kumusta na? What happened to your internet connection? I hope you'll have it back soon.


  25. rovz, ang sarap sarap naman pala jan sa lugar nyo. imagine mo, tricycle away lang ang Davao Gulf! free ligo sa beach anytime :) sana makapasyal din ako sa'yo jan one day ^^


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