Addicted To Reggae

One reason why Macky wanted to have a phone is for him to listen to music every time he wants to. He loves to  listen to any kind of music genre from Bisayan, Filipino, English, Pop, Rock, Christian Songs, etc. What is amazing about him is he can memorize almost all of the lyrics of  music he listens to. I am usually  the one downloading his favorite songs from  the net via his insistent request. Lol!

Few weeks ago, he asked me to look for the song Safe and Sound by the Rebelution band in YouTube. It was a reggae and the name of the group is kind of new to me but when I heard the song, I immediately liked it and keep on playing it every now and then. Macky was so happy hearing his favorite song played on the laptop. We are both addicted to this song. Hehehe

Sharing to you the song Safe and Sound with lyrics....Enjoy!

Credits to YouTube for the Video


  1. Wow naman si Macky at talagang cool na cool ha. Music lover baga. Hahaha! Nagbibinata na eh. :)

  2. OO nga sis eh... Pati ako nahawa sa mga music nya....hehehe

  3. happy valentines sa inyong mag-tita! nakiki-reggae na din ako dito :)

  4. Ok ah! Reggae fan din pala si Macky. Pag tumigil na sa pagbabanda ang Kuerdas, h-hire namin sya to take over, LOL! Reggae band kasi ang Kuerdas Rovz. Ally used to be the female lead vocals, ung bunso namin ang male lead vocals, yong kapatid ko naman next to me is the Band Major. Ako ang unsigned Band Manager, hahahaha! Kidding!


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