Chess Champion

When Macky was about three years old, his Papa Rollie taught him how to play chess. Macky find the game very interesting and very entertaining at that time before he was hooked into playing basketball. He would beat almost everybody in the house sometimes including his Papa and his Tito Bren. He would oftentimes, bring his chessboard outside the house and invite somebody to play with him in the street.

His father's effort  has somehow didn't go to waste since Macky has became a Champion in the school's Chess competition when he was in Grade 4. Everybody in the house was so happy about his achievement especially his father who is so  proud of him.

 for posterity sake...

Congrats Macy boy! Thank you once again for making us proud. Keep up the good work! We love you!


  1. good job, macky! i was a chess player champ too back in the days ;) i came from a family that plays chess, and when i was 14, i joined MILO Chess Clinics during one summer. my teachers were a Grand Master candidate and an International Master, and i got to play simul games with those masters :D my father had the chance to play with Eugene Torre in a national tournament once ;) ahhhhh... those were my chess days ^^ but like you, i got sidetracked with a physical sport too (volleyball) :D every once in a while i still play chess, but i know for sure i'm no longer the champ i used to be. lol. so my tip is, keep practicing, or you'll lose it ^^

  2. Well done, Macky Boy! It's one sport I've never learned to play, LOL! Like what KM said, just keep honing your craft. Who knows? You'll be one of the great champions we shall be rooting for in the future.

  3. Cheers Macky! Good job! Ako, hate ako ng chessboard.

  4. wow congrats to him my entry is here ww My Daily Mumbles and for Happiness its here My Little Home thanks!

  5. wow that is so cool! congrats to your boy!

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  6. What a proud mommy moment! Congratulations to your son! http://www.pensivethoughts.com/2012/02/im-done-with-my-homework-mom.html

  7. congrats macy!
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    My Happiness is..
    Happy Monday!

  8. wohoooo! way to go...sos, kalami ug ingon ani atong anak...ehehehe!

  9. Wow! Napakatalented naman pala talaga nitong si Macky Boy. Congrats macky!

  10. yay! congrats!!! for being the chess champion, that is a great achievements
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  11. congrats Kuya Macky for being the chess champion, that is one Happiness to celebrate for :-) hope that you can return the visit too.


  12. wow that is cool, visiting for happiness is, i hope you could visit my share at


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  13. congrats Macky! what an achievement! happiness indeed for you and your family.
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  14. Galing galing namn ni Macky! Congrats!


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