Final Exams

Today is the last day of Macky's examination at school. He sent me a message this afternoon that he got a perfect score in Filipino and that he assures me that he will finish this school year with honor. Although, it is still early to celebrate we can't help but be happy about it. 

Since it is the last day of their final exams, his classmates have organized a DOTA Tournament which will be held right after their exams. Macky was invited to join and he asked permission from all of us night before. We allowed him to join as a way of unwinding since the school year is almost over.

Even though his group have lost the tournament,  he still went home  happy about the result of his exams. Hopefully, he will be included in the list of honor students this school year because if not, he will no longer be allowed by his Tito Bren  to join the basketball varsity for him to focus on his academics.


  1. Aba, ang taray naman ng Tita Rovie! Mukhang aakyat sa stage at magsasabit ng medalya ah ;) Good job, Macky! At may pagka strikto din pala itong si Tito Bren ah. Hehe!

    1. Si tito Bren ang disciplinarian sa lahat. Praying nga na sana ma honor sya. Hehehe

    2. Mukha namang good boy si Macky at masunuring bata sa inyo ni Bren :)

      Nagbabalik dito for Happiness Is ^^

  2. congrats in advance gurl visiting from happiness. My Little Home

  3. congrats Sis Rovie, that is one happiness to share with :-) Visiting late from happiness is, hope that you can share your happy visit too.


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  5. ayay! you must be very proud!

  6. good thing all my kids' final tests are done already.. :D


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