Getting A Car Title Loan

When a family faces an immediate financial concern, first thing that comes to mind is getting a loan. I can truly say that I can relate to this situation just like what my family have experienced recently when my father was hospitalized. We haven't anticipated that we could spend a fortune for his medicines and hospital bills. He was in the hospital for eleven days and bills piled up so fast. Our family is not well-off and we are really trying to live within our means and financial demands like this is somewhat  hard for us to handle.

I have assured my parents that me and my siblings will surpass all these challenges without bothering them. We did all the possible things to cope up financially and even asked some of our friends for help. We are so blessed to have friends who never turned their back on us in our dire need. But even so, the funds we gathered are still not enough for us to pay the hospital bills. Since almost all of our resources have been exhausted, I have thought of getting a car title loans on Bren's car.

Hubby was actually open to the the idea of getting a loan using his car as collateral if that is the only option left for us. He was aware that this kind of loan offers low interest unlike some of those expensive traditional title loans who took advantage and rip off customers who are left with no option at all but to grab what they offer just to get through the crisis.


I have even told by a friend that applying for a car title loans can also be done online. The transaction  is so easy because everything is processed online. They also have an option on the terms of payment monthly as long as the documents  are completely submitted. I am thankful that my father is now out of the hospital and the plan of getting a loan is still  on process and can be used on other projects.


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