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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read or heard  the word free? It could have a numerous meaning to you  but for me, it just  means  savings. Since Macky's father have worked abroad, I have been  his guardian. Aside from taking care of everything for him at home, one of my  biggest responsibility is to make sure that the money his father is sending is not wasted and put into good use.

Sometimes, we enjoyed some extra bucks but most of the time, the money is not enough for Macky's needs especially now that he has some personal demands. I am just thankful that I found one site where everything is free, that way, my weekly budget is lessened and were able to save on some other things for Macky. I really could not believe that it is possible to enjoy some freebies I saw on the net. 

I am celebrating my birthday today and I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my favorite freebie site because what they have for this day is a free personalized birthday card! I wish hubby could see it too, maybe he would think of getting that card for me. It is just for free you know and I wouldn't mind getting something for free especially if it is coming from hubby. You see, even with gifts for myself  I still look for ways to save. ;-)

Do you want to save on something? See what you can get for free from Julie's Freebies


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