Thoughts On Motherhood

Macky was given birth on the month of December 1999 in his mom's hometown. I heard from his mom that his original due date are supposed to be a month later but since his mother experienced a little complication during her pregnancy, giving birth to Macky came earlier. Initially, her mom plans to have a  natural hospital birth  if she was given the chance. But given her condition, she was advised to have an emergency confinement and was compelled to give birth via C-Section. Now, that is how our Macky boy was given birth.

Almost 13 years after, the baby is now a big boy and even trying harder to be a man at his early age. He is now very conscious about his physical appearance especially with his hair. He just got a stylish cut the other day and have his hair colored just like any other teenager. I wish his parents especially his mom are with him today  to personally witness how and what he's been up to lately. I am sure she will be  pleased and  happy  of his little man's achievement.

Being a mom does not start and end with being pregnant and at giving birth. Becoming a mother by whatever means is always a memorable and amazing experience to almost every woman. Being a good mother could not be judged by the way you have given birth to your baby but motherhood is a sum of so many other good things in the heart of a mom. As a mother myself I could not define what motherhood is, but the only thing I know is that when you are a mom you are willing to sacrifice to give the best of everything to your baby and even giving your life when necessary. 

To all the mothers and soon to be moms out there, cheers to a happy and fulfilling journey to motherhood!


  1. Ay very timely ito ate rovs. Relate ang latest post ko dito. http://www.womenschoice.info/2012/04/why-women-are-said-to-be-stronger-than.html


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