Coming Home Soon

Taking a pose near one of the country's landmark :-)

Our family is very excited because Macky's father who have been working overseas will be coming home for a month's vacation this coming June. Although, the exact date has not been given yet but his employer has already confirmed about his scheduled vacation. We are praying that everything will turn out just good.

With regards to his trip, the first thing that we talked about  is how to work out his budget during the time that he will be here. As an OFW who will be coming home, I understand that he wanted to please everyone most especially our relatives. It will be a big disappointment to them if a relative coming home from abroad do not have any thing for them. Well, anyway it is not as if he is obliged but he also wanted to share his blessings and make our relatives happy, at least.

That is a sad reality about Filipinos working abroad; families in the Philippines are expecting too much from them without even considering their hard work and the sacrifices they have to make just to provide for their family's needs back home. As to our case, we actually do not demand on how much my brother should give us. We truly understand how he feels and how he struggles to survive in the foreign land. We are just so thankful that he is very consistent with the support he is giving Macky and our family as well.

The list of the things and projects are indeed long but we are assuring one another that we will be working together to do what is necessary for the family. For now, we just want you to be safe Manoy as Macky is so excited to see you and play good music together again. We are so excited to see you after more than a year of being away. We can't wait to hear your stories, hear your music  and have the chance to hug you once again. See you soon, big bro! 


  1. It is wonderful that he will be home soon. I bet Macky is very excited to see his father again.


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