A Responsible Big Brother

My siblings and I wanted our sons and daughters to grow up as brothers and sisters. Being the eldest among the cousins, Macky was trained to be a responsible big brother to Yoshi and Bella. He was most often tasked to look after Bella when everybody is busy and most of the time, he acts responsibly. He would play and carry Bella to keep her busy and keep her attention away from me. :-)

Bella on Kuya Macky's lap...

We are happy to note that Macky is growing to be a responsible person but as young as his age, he sometimes need reminders especially when he's caught doing naughty things. As a big brother, I can say that Macky is a dependable babysitter to Bella. 


  1. Great job Macky for being a responsible kuya to Bella!

  2. Wow! Im so proud of him. Good job kuya Macky!

  3. yay! what a sweet Kuya Macky for being so responsible :-) Dropping by from WW

  4. i really love your posts about Macky.. he is really one responsible Kuya! You must be very proud of him. Good job, Kuya!
    Thanks for joining WW last week, Rovs!

  5. Bait naman ng kuya! Cute ni Bella dyan sa pic na yan Sis! :)
    Napadaan dito....sensya na. Now lang ulit.

  6. beautiful snap, interesting sharing. thanks dear.


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