Back to Basics: Practical Ways to Bond with Family

A boat needs its sail to safely traverse to the open sea. Though the wind and waves can move the boat, the sail will be the one to give the boat support and direction. If the boat loses its sail, it will eventually lose balance, turn upside down, and slowly sink to nothingness.

We are the boats while our families are the sails. Without their love and guidance, we can easily end up like a wrecked boat at the bottom of the water. And it can be a possibility, especially if we lose the time to communicate because of a busy schedule or proximity issues. 

In case you’re one of them, here are practical ways to maximize the quality time with your family even if it’s just on a weekend. 

  • Organize backyard parties with family and close relatives. Let’s face it, gathering the whole family and close relatives for a day of lunch at home is quite a task. But if you’re really determined to embark on a new kin tradition, start the ball rolling by hosting a couple of lunch or dinner meal starring your signature lasagna or chicken roll.
  • Hold movie nights. It’s time to turn your living room into a mini theater. Though you don’t have to be equipped with the latest entertainment gadgets to enjoy this. A simple DVD player, decent TV set, and family’s choice of flick will be enough to have a great time. 
  • Schedule monthly out-of-town tours. It may sound expensive but encouraging each member of the family to take part in saving for your trip expenses will be pleasurable to participate in. If in case monthly contributions fall a bit short, strolling in the mall isn’t a bad idea after all.      
  •  Learn a new dish and cook it for your family. Show your family you love them by preparing different dishes that will surely take them to a satisfying cultural feast. Introduce them to flavorful cuisines that range from Mexican burritos to Singaporean Laksa.    


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