A Big Boy Wannabe

I went to Macky's school this afternoon to pay for his books. I purposely went their late afternoon thinking that we will come home together since  his class is almost over by that time. While waiting to be entertained by the school cashier, I saw him joining the basketball game played by high school students but when the official game started he was just seated near the stage.

I called him to ask why didn't he join his classmates who are playing just beside the court, I was so surprised when he answered "I don't want to join them because what they're  playing is only for kids."  I realized that he don't want to be identified as a kid anymore although he is only 12 years old. He preferred the company of big men in the school because he wanted to be one of them. He didn't even came home with me but insisted that I should go first because he is still playing basketball and he already knew his way home.

It is just so ironic because while most of us at home are trying to treat Macky as a kid, he on the other hand, is striving to be a big boy.  He now insists on doing things on his own and he demands more independent. Kuya Macky really wants to grow fast and indeed he is. The thought saddens me because I always see him as a baby but  I think I need to accept the fact that our eldest baby  in the family is not a baby anymore but a big boy in his own world.


  1. I hear you! He's the same age of my daughter and she's the same thing. She don't want to be kiss and hug anymore when we're in the public places :(. You'll will see more big changes when they're turned 13 upwards it's sad but you're right we just need to accept the fact that kids now grow and matured so fast. Regards to your family and to Macky too. :)


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