Back To Work

My brother's month-long vacation ended a few weeks ago. His vacation gave us  more reason to celebrate every now and then. Although not grand, everyone really took an extra effort to make his vacation worthwhile. My sister and her family from Cagayan de Oro even went to Davao for a mini reunion.

Macky's life is back to normal now that his father is back to work. He is already busy in school being the new team captain of their basket ball team plus the fact that he is trying his very best to excel in academics. He is on the 6th grade and part of his goals is to get a medal when the school year ends.

I haven't heard much from by brother lately since the day he left  except for some text messages that  he sends every now and then telling us that he is alright and we should not worry about him. He could not go online to chat with us on Facebook or Skype because he doesn't have an internet connection yet. He needs to wait for his payday to be able to buy a broadband. We also presume that since my brother is back to his work, he would be  busy with some stuff because he was given different assignment. 

Well, good luck brother and we pray that you are doing okay there. God bless you always!


  1. I am just happy for Manoy ROllie:) Too sad he needs to leave but sure its for a good cause:) Tell him to always take care of himself when you get a chance to talk to him from me and TOmmy

    1. Thank you very much Ate Claire. We will surely miss him here but I know he is just a message away.

      I will convey your message to him. Sigurado malipay jud to. He is actually reading this blog :)

  2. Ang hirap talaga pag malayo sa family, hay nahomesick tuloy ako wahhh..


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