Basketball Team Captain

Macky has informed all of us earlier today that after the basketball try-out he attended at their school last Saturday, he was chosen as the captain of their school's basketball varsity team this school year. Although he was already one of the school's varsity player last year, it is a must for them to still attend the try-out for the sake of fairness and equality. 

We are so happy and proud of  Macky's recent achievement. The whole family has been very supportive in all his endeavors especially his Papa Rollie who is really doing his best to provide for his needs. He is already on his last year in the elementary grade and being chosen as the varsity team captain is such an honor.

Congrats Kuya Macky. We are so proud of you. Keep it up!


  1. You have helped raising Macky to be such a good boy:)


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