New Theme For This Blog

I have been thinking to give this blog a makeover since I have been with the old theme for a while now. I really didn't have a hard time looking and choosing for the templates since there are a lot free blogger templates that is available online. 

So when I woke up this morning, I have finally decided to install the new theme for this blog. I chose this design because of its simplicity. I believe that since this is about the story of The Father and Son who are  living apart from each other and the story of a son's student life; the header will give justice to this blog's title.

Welcome to our blog's new theme. I hope you like it as I do. What can you say about this blog's new look?


  1. Simple and nice. I seldom change themes because I am very meticulous that I end up editing the header, colors etc! lol! So as much as possible i let my theme stay.

  2. aawwww... it must be tough for your son to be far from his dad. Well, at least you will be there for your son and help fill the emptiness he might have

  3. Oooh I like it. :) I've been blogging for five years now but one of the toughest parts for me about starting a blog is choosing the theme. I take so long to settle on one :)

  4. yep, changing themes sometimes can motivate the author to update more often hehe. nice one, love the coffee and everything in this theme.

  5. yay! congrats Momi Rovie for the new header :-) I like it....perfect for the blogs URL :-)

  6. very nice theme! i love it!


  7. I migrated my wife's blog to WP and still trying to look for a good theme but when I found one that I think is good in my sight I could not solve the header image problem.

  8. Your new theme looks fabulous! At first glance, you will think its a Wordpress blog.

  9. i love the new look. very simple and very manly. i also change my baby blog template because I have observe that it loads long..i made simple too...and just retain the original header. wala na masyadong ek ek,,hehe



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