5th Grade Final Report Card

During the school registration last June, I was given the chance to bring home Macky's 5th grade final report card. The card are not supposed to be brought home but I insisted to borrow it for  Macky's  father to have a glimpse of his class performance for the year. 

As you can remember,  Macky received a medal  during the school's recognition day last March 2012. I took some photos on Macky's 5th grade final report card to keep track his progress for the next year and also as a souvenir for Macky and his father.

report card cover
Final Marks
We hope that Macky will be consistent with his school performance or do better this year especially that is already in 6th grade. Keep it up Kuya!


  1. Good job, Macky! Bakit pala hindi pwede iuwi ang report card, Rovs? Isang taon na lang pala sa elementary si Macky no? Ang bilis talaga ng panahon ;)

  2. mana lahat sa mommy :) good job kuya macky :)


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