Back From School Camping

The annual school camping is a part of every student's life starting fourth grade. Macky just came back from a 3-day camping this afternoon and he looks really different, I mean his skin is a little darker and he has a pimple on his face. Our little boy will soon me a young man before we even realized it. :(

I believe that allowing kids to attend school activities such as school camping  will help them learn many things as this is one way of letting them taste a little independence and do things with their friends. Exposing them to this kind of events encourages them to explore and learn things on their own without somebody watching them with caution. 

Off to attend the camping...

This is already Macky's second time to attend school camping, the first one was a bigger event held outside their school last year. I can still remember how Mama almost spank him when he came back from the camp because of the stuff he lost. My mom vowed to never let Macky attend school camping once again but I told her that it is part or maybe the consequence of learning. You learn something while losing some of your things. :)


  1. i never had attended a camping in my school year..lol

  2. i enjoyed camping during our star scout and girl scout days :)yes, the outdoors really encourages them to explore the world and sharpens their thinking process.

  3. ang cute naman ng blog theme nito, rovs. Haven't been here for awhile. at si macky, he's growing to be a handsome teenager. :) alexa hopping here.

  4. I miss highschool camping! The last one I attended was almost 7 years ago. LOL


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