He Joined The 5-Day Boy Scout Jamboree

The house is relatively quiet and lonely since last Tuesday because Macky was out attending the 5-day Boy Scout Jamboree. The jamboree is an annual activity for students from private and public schools. Prior to this, Macky also attended a 3-day school camping as preparation for this big event.

Although a little apprehensive, we are allowing Macky to join activities such as this one for him to learn new things and also develop his personality. His first jamboree experience last year was not that good for he lost most of his things in the camp, but he said it was worth the experience because he learns a lot from the activities. It was actually the very first and the longest outdoor activity that he ever attended  .

The Boy Scout Jamboree is a little expensive considering that they will be staying in the camp for five straight days but we really did our best to provide for his needs. My father was the one who prepared Macky's things. When I checked on Macky, he assured me that everything is ready and he knows what to bring and how to pack his things because they were thought how to do it in school. Good boy!

Today is the 3rd day of the Boy Scout Jamboree which means that Macky is already out in the woods this long. We still have to wait for two more days to finally see him. We already miss him in the house and surely Bella  misses his Kuya Macky too.

I hope that he is enjoying the jamboree right now and the purpose of sending him off to that activity is not defeated. I am so excited to see the changes in our big man. Hopefully, he learns a lot and praying that he will come home safe and a changed person for the better. 


  1. Wow, jamboree! i love jamborees! this is probably one of those events that would be unforgettable for a scout like him. Hope he enjoys the outdoors and learns a lot of survival skills out there.

  2. Wow naman si macky, super nae enjoy nya talaga yung school life nya. Sige lang macky, minsan lang yan. :)

    nabisita dito Sis, musta na?

  3. Buti pa si Macky, nakadanas umatend ng jamboree, me never pa kasi hindi ako nag-boy scout noon. good read, He sure will have lots of tales to tell you when he arrives home.

  4. jamboree and scout camping were one of those experiences i truly treasured when i was younger Rovs, indeed, we learned so much from it.

  5. scout camping is one the best I ever done when I was on high school.


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