He Is Not Feeling Well Today

I woke up late this morning because of the schedule that I currently have at work since my system is still adjusting on my routine. I was told that Macky did not go to school today because he is not feeling well. When I checked on him, he told me that he do not have fever but he feels like he do not have enough strength to move even a finger.

My father has already given Macky a paracetamol and my cousin, Jing has also given Macky his vitamins. When inquired about the possible cause of his sickness, he said that he got wet with the rain yesterday. Knowing how he feels, I just don't reprimanded him of his absence from school today. I encouraged him to eat the fruits that hubby and I bought yesterday.

We usually have fresh fruits on our table most of the time. This is to encourage everyone especially Bella and Macky to munch fresh fruits instead of junk foods when they feel like eating. In the absence of imported fruits such as apple, ponkan and grapes, we are happy and contented with having unlimited fresh bananas in the house. Macky has consumed a lot of fruits yesterday, that's according to him which I considered a great news.

I started to get worried about his sickness this afternoon  when he suddenly got up from bed and  joined us for a snack this afternoon. He even went out to play basketball after that. I really thought that he was sick but he told me that he is already feeling better and that he wants to play basketball to relax.

I am thankful that Macky is strong enough to combat sickness and responsible enough to take care of himself in times like this. I just pray that he will continue to be strong physically and emotionally to be able to cope with life's challenges.


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