Family Dinner at Buffet Palace on His 13th Birthday

Since I have convinced Macky to have a family dinner instead of having a pool party on this 13th birthday, everyone in the house prepared early for dinner that night. We are supposed to go downtown using Bren's car but since he will go out late from work, we just decided to take the taxi instead to be able to arrived in the restaurant in time for dinner.

I first thought of having a dinner in the nearest mall which is the SM City but changed my mind when I learned that Victoria Plaza will be having a midnight sale. I am very excited with the thought of shopping with the rest of the family after dinner so I told everyone that we will have our eat-all-you-can dinner at Buffet Palace inside Victoria Plaza compound.

We arrived at Buffet Palace just in time for dinner. The restaurant offers a complete selection of main courses from soup, fish, vegetable, chicken, beef and pork dishes. Also included in the menu table are the ingredients for fish kinilaw which Papa enjoyed so much. Aside from the wide selection of mini-cakes for dessert, there were mango float, macaroni salad and the complete ingredients for halo-halo and many others which I failed to remember. Sorry, I am not a sweet tooth eh :(

With the kind of food to choose from, everyone of us really had a great time at our family dinner at Buffet Palace. Kuya Macky had a second trip to the buffet table for additional viands and a third round of mango float plus a bowl of halo-halo for dessert not to mention a plate full of pork chicharon. LOL.

The little girl is becoming a photography aficionado who loves taking pictures of people and things and of course demanded that I take her photo with Kuya Macky too. She actually consumed a handful of pancit guisado, a bowl of soup, few slices of  soy chicken and fried pork chop and a cute bowl of halo-halo Tito Dong made for her :) And mind you, she is free of charge since she is just two years old.

And while Papa is paying the bill and just before I finish eating, Macky asked for the camera and took photo of himself inside the men's restroom. LOL

As planned, we immediately headed to Victoria Plaza to do the midnight shopping after the dinner. I bought Bella few pairs of dresses and nothing for myself, as always. Macky got himself a new polo shirt to be used in their Christmas Party, a new cellular phone as a birthday gift, a Bench hair gel and cologne.

It was a tiring night but it was very fun and fulfilling because it seldom happens that the whole family eat out in the restaurant. Thanks to my brother for the budget and for always keeping Macky's birthday and happiness in mind. 

Happy 13th birthday Kuya Macky! I hope you'll feel blessed now and for always! We love you very much.


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