He Is Officially A Teen!

Today, Macky officially turns 13! He has been wanting to be a teenager because for him, it is the time to be more  independent and of course to be extra attractive to girls his age. He would no longer be labelled as  "bata" or "totoy" by his  basketball playmates or by any young girl in the subdivision. He wants to impress all the girls eh!

He first wanted to have a pool party for his 13th birthday celebration just like last year but I am too lazy to move and prepare all the needed stuff for the party so I just encourage him to have a family dinner in the restaurant and then buy him a new cellular phone as a birthday remembrance.

As much as possible, we also do not want to spend so much for a party considering the status of our finances. My brother (Macky's dad) sent some amount for Macky's birthday so we will just work with the budget and hopefully save some for Macky's Christmas party expense at school *wink*. I am just thankful that our teen agreed to the idea of celebrating his 13th birthday in the restaurant with the whole family minus his friends.

Our little kiddo is officially a teen and I pray that he will continue to be healthy and focus on the things that he want to achieve. Kuya, now that you are 13 I hope that you will be a better man setting good example as big brother to Yoshi and Bella. We will always be here to support you all the way.

We love you! Happy 13th birthday! 


  1. Happy 13th birthday Macky! Mukhang pagkakaguluhan talaga ng mga girls tong si Macky astig pumorma o! hehe!

  2. Happy Birthday, Macky! Sean turned 13 a couple of weeks ago as well. Two new men in the world now. Not children anymore.

  3. Happy Birthday Macky, binata ka na. However, this is the time na maghahanap ka na ng identity, hope you pick the best one for you that will make your parents proud.

  4. Happy 13th Birthday.. bakit nga pala di ko nameet si Macky last time?

  5. Happy Birthday Mac, wow! time flies so fast you wouldn't know that kids do grow up like a weed too...

  6. Such a handsome young man, happy birthday Macky.

    Liked your FB page here Rovz.

  7. Happy birthday Macky! Every kid wants to grow up fast. I keep reminding my teen daughter (she's now 14) to take it slow and enjoy her teens because it's the best time of our lives. And when they reach adulthood, they'll look back at the times and tell themselves, "I wish I was still a teen."

    So, let's embrace them while we can because kids these days, they just grow up fast. Enjoy your youth Macky! Don't rush :)

  8. Happy 13th birthday to the handsome Macky you got there sis! Don't hurry in growing up! Enjoy the days while you're 13 because it only happens once. :)

  9. Happy birthday, Kuya Macky! Time flies swiftly. Before you know it, Tita Rovz, you have a fully grown up man in the house :-)

    Thinking of his age makes me feel so ancient, LOL! But when I was of the same age, I feel like a young girl who so wanted to do things on my own. I get pissed off everytime my parents want me to do something I didn't like. So he's at a stage now where he will encounter some identity crisis which I believe is crucial for his life's choices and future.

    He's a blessed little man coz he got you around to protect, love and support him in all his endeavors.

    May God richly bless him today and always!

  10. My son will turn 13 this coming year. I sometimes get overwhelmed with all his plans but I let him be. He really wants to do so many things all at the same time.I remind him to slow down and enjoy life.

  11. soon he's going to have a girlfriend. just kidding te rovs... he's fast growing... kids these days... we won't know till they're bigger than us... lol


  12. belated happy birthday macky! ayay, teenager life is exciting...ehehhee!

  13. Welcome to a bigger world dear Macky! He reminds me of my first born who turned 14 this year...Yesterday he asked me whether he could shave his beard with cracking voice and I couldn't decide and had to dial his dad's number who laughed at me for calling him up for such a trivial matter and I said this is something serious like menstruation hahaha, I admire your Macky for already knowing how to choose well when it comes to celebrations...my family do not want expensive parties too because simplicity is our middle name and besides we are not rich as we always tell the kids...what little things we have his dad and I work hard for...I wish Macky all the things you wished for him plus good health always :) blessed day sis...commenting from work via phone :)

  14. I can so relate! My young girl just turned 13 this December, too. Wow, how time flies! Congratulations and happy birthday to Macky!


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