Simplifying Finances Through Credit Unions

I always believe in cooperation and how it works to bring the needed change to people’s lives. That is why ever since, I have been a member of local credit cooperatives and credit unions in our place. I m really convinced about their objectives of helping people save and invest their hard-earned money. Aside from the opportunity to help the whole community, being a member of credit unions allows everyone to get the needed funds for their personal projects at home and in the family.

Finance organizations like nh credit union is doing the right thing for all its members by simplifying their finances. It is like having a bank that thinks nothing but good things for all its members. This credit union allows its members to enjoy online advice, online check reorders, online calculator and many other online services. Members benefit also includes Rewards4U, Insurance, PlanPresciber for Medicare, discounts and more.

The most exciting part of being a member of any credit unions or credit cooperatives is the chance to apply for loans and pay it on installment basis with lower interest rate that is affordable for any average income earner. Credit unions also offer personalized service that is seldom experience with other financial institutions. And the biggest benefit that every member can take advantage of is the dividends earned and distributed to each member every year.


  1. I used to be a member to one when I was still working in school. There's a lot of benefits to becoming a member. I remember when my father suddenly died, they gave my family some goods and money.

  2. that is really a great advantage when you're a member.

  3. Our very first bank that we opened when we migrated here in the US is at a credit union. It helps us big time considering that the husband and I were both students that time. We didn't have big income, we were solely dependent on the monthly stipend we had from school. Our credit union membership paved the way for us to save every penny!

  4. I agree with you on this. Credit units are helpful especially in times of need. Though it's important choose which credit union to join.

  5. you have good points on why one has to be a member of credit unions. My only apprehension is certain bank units high interest rate.

  6. i don't remember about this union before, as far as i know and heard they are pretty nice when it comes to benefits..

  7. i like the credit union in Phil because its not corrupt and really help the people and does not make the people lazy. unlike here in US, its really different, the union members especially the top ones are very rich and they dont work because they get so many benefits from companies. some companies goes bankrupt because of this. they juice so much of the company like what happened to GM, which is used to be the biggest car producer here in US. the union destroyed them. =D ingon sa akong bana ha... lol.


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