Standardized Educational System

Providing a free public education for elementary and secondary school students has been required in all American states. The National Center for Education Statistics states that the year 2010 – 2011 has the highest number of public school students reaching 49.5 million and this is expected to increase to 53 million by academic year 2021 – 2022 with an average of 7 percent annual growth.

The educational system is confronted with the challenge on how standardized the quality of teaching and education provided in every school. This actually has been a problem not just in developed countries but most particularly in third world countries as well. The role of educational resources is very important in ensuring that the implemented educational system is effective. 

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 Conducting a standardized examination can gauge the students’ level of learning, comprehension and ability to make use of the things they learn in school. The test is not necessarily conducted by a government office since there are a lot of accredited private organizations that can facilitate it and also provide academic readiness resources to both parents and students.

A standardized educational system has long been a concern in every country since it faces a never ending challenge to enhance the existing one and strive to make things better and beneficial to all concerned.


  1. I hear yeah! I am looking some school for my daughter for next year considering the school she is in at this time is only until Pre-K., so we're looking if she will be in public or private next year.


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