Barista-style Coffee Any Time

Gourmet coffee from a coffee shop is one of life’s little indulgences but not something you can really afford to enjoy every day of the week. The good news is that with an on demand coffee brewing system and a Keurig® K-Cup® coffee holder or replacement, anyone can enjoy coffee shop quality coffee custom made for just pennies a cup. The Keurig single cup coffee maker is a great example – you will find the widest variety of coffee flavors blends and roast in K-Cup® format so this is a good brand to look into.

No matter the maker, most on demand brewing systems operate on the same basic principles – they require an electrical outlet and a source of water. Because they are so versatile you will see them in offices, clubs, churches, car dealers and civic facilities but they are also fantastic for home use. Most will hold anywhere from six to 12 cups of water and can easily be filled with a pitcher if a faucet is not convenient.

The way they work is foolproof – you simply insert a coffee pod, disc or whatever coffee format is compatible with the machine, position your cup or mug in place, press a button and watch as a custom cup of barista-style coffee brews directly into the vessel in a minute or less. There is no coffee pot to clean or carafe to worry about breaking plus there are no coffee filters to fuss with.

You never need to scoop, measure or spill coffee all over the place because the coffee comes in individually sealed personal packets; this means it is fresh because it remains sealed until the moment of brewing. The coffee is fresh for the same reason and it is never burned or bitter since it brews into your cup instead of sitting on a warmer.


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