A Man's Guide to Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013 is fast approaching. If you're a man, chances are you're completely clueless about what to give your lovely wife for Mother's Day. Want to know a secret? All mums really want on Mother's Day in an extra hour in bed!

Here are a few Mothers Day tips to enable you to make the mum in your life's dozing dream a reality...

Be on the Ball. The moment you hear the kids are out of bed, take control. Refrain from burying your head under the pillows or feigning "asleepness". Up you get and take charge. If you want to give your beloved a lie-in, it's not necessarily being quiet (though that helps) – it's assuring her everything's in hand and that there's no need for her to get involved. Your job? Grab the kids, seize some clothes and get them dressed downstairs. And don't forget to give them their breakfast, too – it's going to be a hectic morning.


Let the Kids do the Jobs. Little ones love doing grown up things, so why not give them the chance to take the role of chore-leader? Whether it's "folding" up clothes, pairing up socks or tidying the living room while you wash the dishes, you don't need to be Mrs. Doubtfire to find ways to make cleaning fun. Don't get too overexcited and start shoving them in ovens, lofts or leaving them alone with lawn mowers.


Let Mum Enjoy Some "Me" Time. Bundling the children out the house can be a fabulous way to let Mum have some time to herself. As a rule of thumb, clad them in something warm – they feel the cold more than you. Take a walk in the woods, park or just wander around the shops – you might be surprised to discover places you never knew existed. Take some photos and show Mum when you get home or get the ickle ones collecting up flowers, leaves, acorns, conkers, daisies – anything you think Mum will like – and bring them home.


Supermarket Sweep. What better place to keep the kids entertained than in the supermarket? Delegate them the role of "food finder" – let them hunt for the spaghetti hoops, the broccoli, the baked beans – or better still, get them counting the tins out for you. If they're younger, give them "important" (e.g. resilient, insignificant) items to look after for you. Use this shopping trip to get Mum some yummy things for her breakfast.


Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed. What mum would say no to scrambled eggs on toast (or something similar), served to her in bed by her kids? Get the children in the kitchen, cracking eggs into jugs, adding salt and pepper, mixing, and so on – under your supervision, of course! Don't forget to add a nice cup of tea to the breakfast tray together with the flower/leaf/acorn/conker you found on the walk. News flash: do not try this before 11AM.


Homemade Mothers Day Gifts. After un-packing the shopping, get the kids making Mothers Day presents for their mum. Hand them some glue, newspaper and the nature bits you found earlier and make a collage or a similar creation. Just warn your wife it wasn't you that made the disfigured papier-mâché mould or the plate decorated with clumpy, glued-on pasta shapes.


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