Early in the morning last Tuesday, Macky told Mommy (my mom) that he would like to be excused from class in the morning because he is not feeling well. Mama just allowed him to rest in the morning thinking that Macky was just tired from playing basketball the night before but when she checked on Macky she noticed that he has fever. She immediately asked Jing to get the thermometer and check Macky's temperature. They said that the temp is 36.7 degrees centigrade and since it is normal they thought that Macky was just tired and getting the needed rest would be enough.

I was busy that day since I need to go check my grandfather in the other hospital. My grandfather was also hospitalized due to the infection on his left toes and since he is diabetic his toes was scheduled for amputation. I was in the hospital the whole day and went home at around 10 in the evening that night.

When I arrived home and after changing my clothes that night, I immediately checked Macky's temperature and I was a little scared because he has high fever as his temperature reaches 39.7 degrees Celsius. We gave him paracetamol and Mama and I alternately giving him sponge bath. But despite everything, his temperature did not lower down but instead goes up as I checked every now and then.

I was already worried seeing him cold and almost chilling so we decided to brought him to the hospital for proper medication.

Note: This article was posted using iPhone 4s while I am watching over Macky in the hospital. Today is officially his 7th day in the hospital.


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