How to Build a Go-Kart for Your Kids

Building a go-kart for your kids gives you quality time to spend together as a family. Not only will you be providing them with a fun, thrilling speed machine that they can drive around on their own, but by allowing them to help with the project, they will feel as though they were truly a part of something special. Building a go-kart can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks, depending on the features that you are installing, overall look of the go-kart that you are going for and your knowledge of construction, building and mechanics. These steps will have your kids cruising down the road in no time.

Gathering Materials

Before you can start building a go-kart for your kids, you must first gather the necessary materials that will be needed. To build your run of the mill go-kart, you will need a welder, petrol tank, brake pedal, throttle, seat, drive shaft, bearings, steering shaft, steering wheel, engine, seat, four wheels, bolts, washers, plywood, metal, square tubing, a thick steel plate and a round steel barstock. Many of these materials can be found at your local hardware store or can be purchased online with ease. Some retailers may also sell go-kart kits that come ready with everything that you need to build the vehicle plus step-by-step instructions.

Metal and Tubing Cutting

Create a design for the go-kart that you are building or obtain a pre-made plan online. You will then need to cut your metal tubing according to the design plan and carefully weld it all together. A small welder can be used to achieve good results. If you are not familiar with welding, consider hiring a professional for this stage. A range of companies that offer metal fabrication in Brisbane can be found with a quick Google Search.

Assembling the Go-Kart

Now that you can your metal frame welded together, it's time to start assembling the rest of the vehicle. First, assemble the linkage that will make the axles of the go-kart. Align your steering properly and take your time to ensure that it is in proper working order. Steering is one of the most important aspects of the go-kart. A thick steel plate should then be welded to the rear of the vehicle and used to mount the engine on to. Use bolts to secure the engine safely in place. Next, attach the hand throttle to the throttle cable. Once the go-kart is assembled, you're ready to start having fun with the design.

Floor Boards and Seats

The floor board can be built and installed to the bottom of the go-kart by using either plywood or metal. Create your very own custom seat using your desired materials. Allow your kids to get involved with creating the seat, giving them the opportunity to use their own ideas such as bright colors, design patterns, adding their favorite characters or even the name of their new go-kart to the seat.


Not that the go-kart is complete, work together as a family to paint it up to show off your child's true personality and style.

 Nathan is a dedicated father of 3 young boys who loves nothing more than getting outside and spending quality time with his Family. 


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