Playing Online Games on Weekends

I have been actively blogging since the year 2010 so I am practically facing the computer most of the time but I was never interested to even try any famous online games. Most of my friends are going crazy over Candy Crush asking and giving lives here and there. Reading their Facebook walls flooded with their status about Candy Crush made me smile for I am happy that they are enjoying, but I can never really see myself playing it. Call me killjoy or corny, but I could not imagine spending so much time playing online games. No offense meant to those who love online games but I actually think it is a waste of time for me. I would rather update my blogs or visit other blogs than play.

Here comes my nephew Macky who is my total opposite. I know that if he would have to choose between studying and playing online games particularly DOTA, he would definitely choose the latter. We have actually set a playing schedule for Macky and that's every weekend but he asked to at least have an hour with DOTA after class every Friday before going home. Every Saturday if he doesn’t have a review at school or basketball practice, expect Kuya Macky to be in his favorite internet cafe with his friends playing DOTA. His day would usually starts at around 10AM and just right after eating breakfast and preparing himself, he is on his way to play.

Although my mom and I have allowed Macky to play online games during weekends, I am just not sure if his father have knowledge about this. This kind of activity is somehow expensive but we have tolerated it for Macky to have a bonding time with his friends and also for him not to get bored at home. Playing online games on weekends gives him a little freedom so we are supportive about it for we know he is happy about it. I just hope he appreciates it and values the trust we have given him.


  1. I know how you feel about the games and worrying a little bit about it. Sean is also 13 and his best friend who lives downstairs from us is 14. They don't play the online games but they like the card game Yu-Gi-Oh and now they also are starting another card game called Vanguard. Every Saturday they want to go to the card shop and play these games with the other teenagers there and also trade cards with them to make their decks better. They want to go when the shop opens at noon and stay until 5:00 or 6:00. We have let them go but we worry about it. My husband especially worries if they are staying there too long. It is hard to let them have this freedom but they need it as they grow so that they will be confident and independent men.

  2. Hi Wilma, how are you? Thank you very much for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts and experience on my post. I miss you. I look forward reading updates about you and Sean.


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