The Sweet Smell of Graduation

After spending seven years in elementary, Kuya Macky is now excited for his graduation next week. He spent the first two years of his elementary education in SPED General Santos and almost five years in his current school, the International Christian School of Davao. Macky is supposed to graduate last year but since he transferred from Antipas and decided to stop going to school after they came back here in Davao, he was required to repeat the 5th grade.

He is so full of life and enthusiasm as he looks forward to graduation and for his first year in high school. All of us in the family are also happy for Macky’s upcoming graduation. He may not have the highest honors in class but we are still grateful to see him graduating this year. This is one big milestone in Macky’s life and this one is indeed worth celebrating.

Macky's father will not be around during the graduation because his work contract abroad was extended for another two years. He may be physically absent but his support and love for Macky is very visible. He is such a proud father and despite the distance, he can still whiff the sweet smell of graduation and the new hope it brings to Macky.

Congratulations for the upcoming graduation Kuya Macky. We are so proud of you. Cheers!


  1. That is wonderful that he is graduating from elementary. Sean graduated elementary almost two years ago. He will be finished with 7th grade in May.


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