Healthy Summer Routine

Kuya Macky has started a healthy summer routine right after his elementary graduation. He would woke up at half past three in the morning to prepare for his daily jogging schedule with friends and basketball teammates and start at around four in the morning. When he reached home after jogging, he would take a rest for a while then eat breakfast prepared by either Mommy or Daddy. After eating  breakfast and cleaning up the dishes, he would then start with cleaning and organizing the living room and do other chores I assigned to him the night before. And as a compensation, I would pay him at least thirty pesos (P30) but most of the time higher than that if I am happy and satisfied with his work.

Relaxing after a hard day's work...

It has been more than a month that we don't have a house help and I admit it was really hard on my part at first but thanks to Kuya Macky who volunteered himself to clean up the house every day as his part – time job for the summer break. Waking up each morning seeing how organize things are inside the house makes me sigh with relief. With the dining area and the living room clean, I can at least focus on some important chores in the house. I am so grateful for Kuya Macky's new found energy and maturity.

Since the day Kuya Macky offered to help me with the house cleaning, I can seldom hear him having arguments with Mommy. I think it is because Mommy appreciates Macky’s effort to maximize his summer break plus the fact the she is no longer obliged to give Macky his internet money, leaves her no reason to complain. Macky actually used his “salary” to pay for his internet games in the afternoon or after taking a nap in the morning.

Seeing Macky matures this way is some sort of a revelation for all of us. I have told him many times that to be able to have money, he should work hard for it and I guess that is what he is doing right now. We are all happy to see that he keeps up to his healthy routine this summer. He jogs in the morning and play basketball in the afternoon while helping out with the chores in between.

Thank you Kuya Macky for being such a great help to Tita and Bella. We appreciate all the things you do for us. We love you!


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