Kuya Macky's Elementary Graduation

It is a dream come true for every student to graduate and earn a college degree but before that they need to pass through several levels like elementary and high school before finally reaching their dream of finishing their education. Every time a child graduates, the happiest among all is the parents. For the parents and students, the graduation ceremony is always momentous no matter how simple it is. Most people considered it as a milestone and an achievement worth remembering.

Last March 26, 2013, our Kuya Macky finally graduated from Elementary. It was actually a happy and sad moment for him. He is happy because he finally graduated from elementary and sad because he did not graduate with honor although he was given a Most Dependable Award during the graduation rites. And another deep reason of his sadness is the absence of both his parents. His father (my brother) can’t obviously make it because his working contract abroad was extended for another two years while his mother was in Gensan. It was only me, my mother and Bella who got the opportunity to witnessed Macky's graduation because Daddy is still on his way home from Cagayan de Oro.

Macky's father would like to have one big celebration for him but since there were only the four of us, we decided not to have a party at home. The graduation was held inside the mall so right after the graduation ceremonies, we dine at KFC then went home after that. Macky asked permission to stay in the mall with his classmates to play at timezone and plan for their farewell party the next day.

Macky's father congratulated him via skype and facebook that night. My brother was really sad to have missed his son's elementary graduation but he could not do anything about the situation. He knows how hard it is for Macky not to be with his parents on this special day but his consolation is we are all here to support him in all his endeavors. Kuya Macky’s elementary graduation is an event we have been waiting for the last seven years. Hehe

With Carlo, one of his best buddies :)

Congratulations on your elementary graduation Kuya Macky. Please know that with or without medals, we are still so proud of you!


  1. Congratulations, Macky! Even if you didn't receive a medal, you have still done very well in your grades and you have nothing to be ashamed of with that.

  2. Thank you very much for your warm wishes Aunt Wilma. Thank you once again for never forgetting to drop a line her in our blog.

    Give our warmest regards to Sean.


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