5 Common Backyard Insects That Your Kids Need To Watch Out For

The summer months are what kids look forward to the most. However, there are insects lurking in the grass, in the air and elsewhere outside the house that want to make life difficult for your child. If he or she is not careful, your child could suffer from an allergic reaction or a painful sting.

Black Widow Spiders

If you see this type of spider, you should run away as fast as you can. Do not attempt to touch it or trap it. It is best to call an exterminator or another professional who can get rid of it for you. Although this type of spider tends to live in South America, they can hitch a ride to just about anywhere in the world.


During the summer months, there are a variety of bees that like to share the outdoors with your child. The wasp may be one of the most common that your children will see. Luckily, wasps aren't as aggressive as hornets or yellow jackets. However, they have a painful sting and can swarm without warning. If your child sees a wasp, the best thing to do is give it its space and don't make it angry.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are given their name mostly because of their red color. They are also given their name because it literally burns if you step on them or are bitten by them. Althoguh the burning sensation is temporary, there can be health issues that arise from being stung by entire army of fire ants.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are dangerous because they can hide just about anywhere. In some cases, the pool is not a safe place for a child. This is because bees and other stinging insects are attracted to the water. To keep them away from your child, you can fill a jar with soda or another sticky liquid. The yellow jackets are particularly prone to this trick. Make sure you exterminate them as soon as possible because they are an aggressive species that can stay angry for days at a time.


Hornets are not something that you want to mess with. They are large and will do harm to your child if they cross paths. This means that you should have hornet spray handy if you notice even one of the flying around your home. There is a good chance that there are others lurking nearby. If your child has allergies, staying away from certain insects could be a matter of life or death. Make sure that you have a phone handy in case you need to call for emergency personnel. If left untreated, a child could die in minutes from a sting or bite from an insect.

Amanda recently employed Down Under Screens to install insect screens in her Brisbane home after her youngest child was unfortunately stung by a wasp inside their house. 


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