What is a Social Media Divorce?

Unfortunately, social media sites have made it much easier for spouses to cheat and engage in other unseemly activity. It has also made it easier for spouses to dig up dirt on each other in a divorce. Sites like Facebook and MySpace are all too easy to abuse and misuse, which is why more than 80-percent of divorce lawyers in the United States report having used information from a social networking site in court or having seen another lawyer do it.

One of the main ways that social media can affect a marriage and wind up as part of divorce proceedings is infidelity. Spouses may meet someone online or use their social media accounts to communicate with their lovers. Social networks can also provide a level of anonymity, as spouses can set up accounts that their family and friends do not know about. If the affair gets out and the wronged spouse gets information from these accounts, they can be used in court as evidence of adultery.

One of the more contentious aspects of a divorce is custody. Parents are not usually eager to let go of their children for any amount of time. Moreover, animosity during the divorce makes some parents use custody issues to seek revenge on their former spouses. Of course, there are also cases where one parent is clearly unfit and social networks provide plenty of evidence for that. Comments about drug use, pictures of illegal or irresponsible activity or violent posts, particularly regarding the other parent, are all potential pieces of evidence in divorce court. Lawyers are starting to figure out that social media accounts can be a boon or bust for their cases depending on active or vocal their client has been. For example, making comments on Facebook about how much you hate or despise your spouse can and will be used against you in court. We have even seen pictures and posts from a person’s vacation be used against them in child support and custody hearings. Anything you do on Facebook is and should be considered as public knowledge.

Social networking leaves such a trail of evidence that it is hard to understand why people still do it, but it stands to reason that a lot of people are getting away with it, if so many are getting caught. Furthermore, it is just an easier way to meet people than going to a bar. A wife can sit in the same room as her husband while she arranges a date with her lover. It really is convenient for those who are of the mind to cheat. That does not mean they will not regret using such a traceable method of communication later.

People who are already involved in divorce proceedings and have managed to make it through without leaving anything incriminating on Facebook thus far should really avoid social networking altogether until all of the details are sorted. Trust us, your divorce attorney will thank you!

This article was provided by the Cantor Law Group, Phoenix Divorce Attorneys. David Cantor is the named partner of the Cantor Law Group. The Cantor Law Group is based in downtown Phoenix, AZ.


  1. Sometimes social media can fuel jealousy. Married couples should take note of their behavior. I have encountered emotional affairs carried through facebook privacy loops.


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