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The biggest selling point for most dealerships is fuel economy because it's the number one question for most car drivers. The Prius C has been rated the best for fuel economy for its 53 mpg rating. In addition to being one of the most fuel efficient cars on the road, it's also one of the most advanced hybrids. It offers a lot of different features inside the cabin such as USB ports and an easy-to-use climate control system. 

For a smaller vehicle, the Prius C has a ton of legroom and headroom, which most test drivers revealed was nice to have in a hybrid since many are made to be smaller and yet don't provide enough space for the adult driver. Most Prius C dealers offer a few incentives in addition to the complimentary ToyotaCare plan, which includes two years of maintenance. The Prius C may be the smaller one of the two Prius models but what it lacks up for in size, you can really save on gas.

All models of the Prius C have a four-cylinder engine. They come in four different types of trim with a variable transmission. There are some extra storage features built right into the Prius C as well as a ton of new technology features like modern climate controls on the steering and USB ports for all of your devices.

One of the things that test drivers really enjoyed was the quiet factor of the Prius C. Because it is an electric vehicle, it handles very well and provides for an overall smoother ride because there isn't a lot of noise from the engine.


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