He is Sick

It was Sunday after attending mass when Macky complained about his stomach. He said he has difficulty defecating so I asked him to go to my mom for medication. He was given minor massage using menthol liniment oil thinking that it was only caused by air and the sudden change of temperature. I have also let him drink tea for him to feel better. In our own dialect, we usually called his condition panuhot or kabag

But even after what we did, he said that he was still not feeling better and that he didn’t have a good sleep that night but he still went to school on Monday morning but went home in the afternoon due to the stomach ache. He is sick and he needed to rest early. 

Mama has given him some herbal medicine in fact, I have even found some leaves on his stomach earlier this evening when he was about to go to bed. I am awake almost the whole night monitoring him because I started to get worry about his condition. I told him that if he feels that the pain is still there, we will see his doctor today. I'm just glad that he didn't have fever so at least we know that he didn't have any infection. I really do hope our Kuya Macky will get better from his sickness soon. It scares me every time someone in the family gets sick especially the kiddos.


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