Motorcycle Maintenance

When Macky’s father was about to leave for his work abroad, one of the many things his father taught him was cleaning and maintaining his motorcycle. He was given quick lessons on how to drive the motorcycle first then basic maintenance follows. Although my dad was around all the time, my brother wanted Macky to be responsible at an early age.

So every time the motorcycle needs maintenance and cleaning, it was Macky and Daddy who took care of it. It was like a bonding time for them discussing what needs to be done with their toy. Oftentimes, they would test drive the motorcycle together early in the morning then do the needed upkeeps right after that.

It was just a little unusual because it was actually Macky who taught Daddy how to drive a motorcycle instead of Daddy teaching him. They would conduct inventory on some of the tools needed for motorcycle maintenance and I even overheard Macky asking Daddy about some ball knobs while doing the inventory.


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